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Up set player
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Raising 1 limper on the button
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Pair of 10's
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Scary SB hand (Boo...)
Top pair with preflop raiser to act behind you
Board pairs up
Limitations of AQo
3-6 hand I misplayed
Why suited?
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KQo - multiway pot
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NJ Players
Only one Q: TsAh
re-raise or fold?
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Have some questions in general about 5-10
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99-JJ How do you play 'em?
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Huge Pot - Overplayed Hand?
Questionable call on the river?
Drawing in a fair sized pot
Belagio 4/8
JJ in early position, overcard flops
Terrible river bet
What kinda screwed up fruity-ass hand was this?
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Paradise: $1/$2 - JhQh - 3 off the button.
Position is Everything
different play with AA
FPS on .5/1
Poker Software
Getting caught in it
AA hand... wait?
Big pot
Lay this one down?
3-6 flush hand
Where did I go wrong --
Am I beaten?
Critique this hand
3-6, flopping 2p in the BB
please answer my stupid question
3/6 baby trips with a strong draw
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Lee Jones' book
playing too tight bad?
Heres a wild fold....
Catastrophic Mistake ?
2 hands
Poker in Reno
Call or Reraise?
Can the rake at 1-2 be beaten?
3-6 Play...too fancy?
How to read players at your table?
stay at a bad table?
Lay this one down?
Should I try to buy respect by showing my cards??
Did I get the most out of AA
stupid opponents= huge profit
"Fancy" play at $2/4
Showing cards ...
field of dreams
River bet...
KK hand...