Weakness at the river
VERY long N/L report
Position question in loose game
Short handed play
Betting a Draw
Checking to a Bluffer
AA w/ a Draw vs. KK w/no Draw
Tough Play or Reckless Play?
Chasing gutshots
Going to far on some hands?
AQ Hand (No not that!)
Questionable no fold 'em play
Response from Roy West Protege
Sklansky/Malmuth vs Jones
"Wirebrushing" Rick's Student
critique this 10-20 hand
20/40 to tight or to weak,,,
How can I get a poker mentor?
Another 10-20 hand
Misplaying Medium Pairs in Tighter Games
Raising flush draws
40-80 No Foldem Hold-em
Student Bails Out With Good Draw On Turn
Is Everyone Right?
5-10 to 10-20
Hollywood Park & Student Drive Jim Brier Crazy
Whatever happened to A9s in 21CHE
Question for floorman ?
What's the best play?
KQ for 2 more bets early ?
Shorthanded and heads up play for beginners
Holdem Poker "Bible" pg. 72, Davis
Poker - Skill or Luck??
Adjusting Flop Odds (Beginnerish)
preflop raise adjustments?
QT On The Button Problem
Doyle's Terminology
What books to read?
Thank God for Home Games and Indian Casino's?
a couple of hands
Weak Tight?
Trip Report: July Fourth @ Bellagio, Las Vegas
3-6 Hand
Losing Value on a bet - for skp
All regular poster please read
Newbie Dilemma
ATs problem
too aggressive?
Oops! The tortoise just passed me!
Counting outs- Appendix A :
funny story last night
How to beat grampa?
To Rounder....
Flush Draw Hands...
Calling raises in the SB?
Poker in the greater Ocean City, DE area?
Quess her hand
Playing JJ-TT FOR 3-BETS
8/16 Hand
40-80 No Foldem-Holdem
3 bet Tens
Out of position with undercards
Forgot how much I liked live play.
40 hands to discuss
Calculating your edge.
Hold'em software?
Making them Pay to Draw
small blind
Dan Hanson Article
Dan Hanson- Outstanding article!
Tournament heads up
KJ suited for a raise
20-40 hand
Over Button
Abdul Jalib starting hands
What can you do?
KJs for a raise - revisited
K5 in BB
I've said it before and I'll say it again....
40-80 hand
when check-raise means weak?
Need help with heads up limit play
Flopped Quads
D. Hanson's article - is it online anywhere?
Proper to always raise with AK (preflop)
Image at lower limits.
Missed a Bet?
The Trouble With Maniacs
Axs At Low Limits
Loose Passive games
How bad is this ?
implied vs. pot odds
Easy question mostly for the newbies...
Theory of playing with maniacs
Heads Up Puzzles - Suited connectors
Roy Cooke $20-$40 Hand
When to Back Off.
Do they pay a price for helping?
Missed a Raise?
how was my muck?
Diamond Club NYC
THE Worst play ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A "Thank You" to Mr. Jalib
Is this good poker?
what would you do different?
Layed down AA, stupid mistake or good laydown?
Was I wrong to go for this check-raise?
New Book from 2+2
JJ in SB
QQ in SB
Home game vs. Casino action
Leaking on Turn/River?
Playing the "nuts"
Betting the Flop To Test My Questionable Draw
Probability question
how tough are the higher limits?
Stuck in a low limit rut
Pocket Aces against a Flopped Flush
Pot Limit Poker Stratedgy & Orleans ring games
34 suited
Getting the last raise in
2 hands with the "Vulture" !
Shorthanded Holdem
Medium Pocket Pairs
shorthanded, Bad Play or Bad Players?
Clear Decision?
A8o in Big Blind vs steal raise
Medium Pocket Pairs UTG
Oooh!! I'm so proud of the way I played this hand
Diamond Club NYC
Did I miss a bet?
Secrets of Hold'Em...Revealed!
This IS good poker!
Winning Low Limit -The Solution?
$20-$40 Problem@Orleans
Queens Full vs. Nut Flush
Hand to comment on.
Playing flush draws
J10 Suited
Heads up in BB with small pp
AKs in 20-40 hand
Early pp's against calling stations
Getting Comped at the Mirage
No limit poker in Vegas
Poker at the Excalibur
Question for Abdul ... discussion for all
Uhhh .. isolate with A-5s?
Value-Bet the River?
4-8 insanity leads to gigantic pot
Presence of a Third Party
hourly rate in a 15-30 holdem game
High Class Problem
Short handed play reminds of past post...
Yahoo Hold'em
Limping on the Button
How do you know if you are good?
two black aces were no good...
Tightening up after Stealing?
Bad Raise?
Would you play this the same way?
Help me figure out what these people had
AA vs, 33
Time charge at Bellagio or Mirage
pocket 5's in live game
Bad slowplaying
S&M joke . Just for fun !
Fear of AA
Revisiting A-small suited (see Izmet)
common mistakes in low limit
Question about simulators
Top pair - coordinated board
Advertising When There is Nothing To Sell
Making the Grade
Poker or Blackjack
Stupidity Personified
Is A Pure Bluff Better Than A Semi-bluff Here?
Am I figuring these odds correctly?
I got AA again
1-4/8/8 Spread Limit Problem
What has happened to poker?
Danish Poker Players
On-line information requested
Misconceptions about AA - I love em!
overplaying an overplayer
paradise poker
15/30 vs 30/60
What percentage are winners?
WSOP Champion is Fish in 30/60
Two bad hands...
The Real "Gem" in last months Card Playe
K7o in the Big Blind
Turbo Texas Hold'em
Flopping 4/flush
46 of clubs
Talking Players
Book Question
A couple hands to comment on
QQ in SB
Shifting Gears....Help!
'Money moves clockwise' theory.
Ethical or Mind Your Own Business ?
First 10-20 Experience
When NOT to fear KK?
A-A vs. K-K
Going to far w/QQ and others?
Hand to Talk ABout
No Fold'em Hold'em (the book)
Poker in Reno?
Your "toughest opponents"
Played correctly?
chalk one up for AKo
Starting Hand Requirements
Spot the errors
suited connectors?
Bad Play
Playing Overcards
John Feeney's Book
$20-$40 Problem: Folding on the end.
Q9h BB vs UTG Raiser
Raising the flush draw
Hand to Talk About Completed
AC Higher low-limits, general practice?
If you are suited?
an interesting hand
My First Post...and I need YOUR help, thx.
Do You Call
A preflop decision
10-20 hand - calling on the end
Limping with AA-KK
How much kids like to give their money away
Correct Play?
Horrible Preflop Laydown
my 1st year roler coaster
Worst Session of All Time
difficulty of Vegas games
QQ for 4 bets???
The check-raise that cost me.
Raising to isolate a fish
How Can I Take Advantage of This?
proper play on completely titled table
Bellagio 100/200
Arithmetical beginners question
Slowing down to repair damaged image
T9o in BB - Mistakes Made?
Heads-up Play
Analyzing Quality of Play
small poket poket pair
Las Vegas vs LA win rates
No limit - KK's
how's this river check?
HE with
Do you fold a set
Just can't give it up
The usual?
Greg's Poker Client
My play of hand gets groans from opponent...
How Much Heat can a Fush Draw Take
wild long should I stay?
Reraising a Bluffer
limit holdem tournament book
Played too timidly?
Timid play with overpair and position ?
Missed Bet?
Standard Deviation
Stop & Go...paging Abdul/Sklansky
New York Poker
Routine hand?
too aggressive?
Is There a Doctor in the House?
Where does the bulk of your profit come from?
newbie hand critique
Check Raised by BB
4-8 with a kill, Overpair on a killed pot...
Pot limit HoldEm, GirlyMan style
Taj medium limit
Moving through the middle limits - update
Medium Pair in early position -- RAISE or CALL?
Bad $15-$30 Play?
AQs [flopped top pair, 4 flush] vs flopped set.
Interpreting standard deviation results
Poor value bet?
Check and fold the turn?
Folding AK
Flopped mosnter vs. quads
The Math
The Doctor is In
KT problem
20-40 99 on button multiway
BB Defense vs Isolation Raise
Pocket Rockets
Raise or call?
5-10 Flopped a set and i am bet into...
Spread limit holdem
Hand to Talk About
Pocket A's...ever fold?
KQs what would you do
Uncomfortable hand
5-10 hand
Trips Vs. Flush
Requirements to call?
Toughest Hold'em Limit?
AK, laydown top pair
AKs in the BB, 4-8 HE
Proper play of flopped set, 4-8 HE
Turn Bet Mistake?
3 hands to discuss
Fire Away at this one
Small pair before flop
KK Six way action
Folding pocket aces preflop
Large Pot Strategy
HeadsUp - $30-$60
Chicago Hold'em Game