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Re: AAs - Odd play
Re: AAs - Odd play
Re: AAs - Odd play
Re: AAs - Odd play
Re: AAs - Odd play
Re: AAs - Odd play
Re: AAs - Odd play
Re: AAs - Odd play
JJ - Multi-way
A lesson learned
Loose 3/3/6/12, preflop cap with 7-way JTs. Dumb?
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Question ...
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How am I doing
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Suited Connector Cards
Playing 3-7 of spades on the button
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Tough 10/20 Game
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Two questions before Sunday. #1
Before Sunday #2
Smoke-free games in Vegas
Hand Of A Lifetime
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third place
Achieving a Loose Image
AKo Problem.
Flop = KKK need help !!!
No Fold'em Hold'em
Teach the Weak?????
Introduction and hand analysis wanted
Common situation
LL flush payoff
A Time To Kill
Smart or Lucky?
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K high flush on the flop
What just happened?
What just happened?
Mr Malmuth - please explain further
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Internet Poker ?
Randomizing Play at Lower Limits
KK problem
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Super /System
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Big / Little as top pair
Ben Tracey Hold'em Video-Comments?
Cal vs. Vegas
help for New York
3 flush on the flop
Gum under the table!!!
Gum under the table!!!
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Dumb and Dumber
Staying the Course
Hold'em Odds Chart
I broke the record
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